Educational Planning Consultations For the Family or School Team. What is your why? Ours is to enhance all aspects of your child’s learning.

Have you recently received a psych-ed assessment for your child? Do you know how to handle what comes next. Set up a time to go over SMART goals, individualized educational plans, and strategies to best support your child. Early and efficient intervention is key.

Sometimes it is difficult to build a consistent plan with all of the separate parts of the team working with your child. Mediation between home and school allows us to set up a time to go over specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals, individualized educational plans (IEP), and strategies/ accommodations to best support your child, alleviating pressure from the family. Note, Neurodiversity is critical (in children, wellness and education) as it recognizes that there is a wide range of neurological differences among individuals. This includes variances in how their brains function and process information. Everyone has their starting place and best way/s forward.

Early, efficient intervention is key. Educational planning sessions include the whole ecosystem of the child. Learn best practices for getting on the same page. 


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Individual Learning Services

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Orton Gillingham

50 Minutes

The Orton Gillingham approach is widely recognized and has a strong reputation for being effective, particularly for individuals with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. Teachers trained in the Orton-Gillingham approach use explicit, direct, and systematic instruction to help learners build a strong foundation in reading and spelling. This approach is often employed in one-on-one or small group settings to provide targeted and individualized support. 

Each lesson includes: Letter formation, visual spatial, auditory, visual, phonemic awareness, rapid reading word attack drills, sensory spelling, syllable division/ types, spelling rules, morphology, comprehension, mechanics, fluency & reading.

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Executive Function

50 Minutes

Supporting children’s executive functioning is crucial for several reasons. Executive functions, are cognitive processes fundamental to managing and organizing thoughts and behaviors, and play a vital role in daily life and academic success. Tailoring strategies and interventions for executive functioning support is necessary to address each child’s unique needs. By improving these cognitive processes, children can navigate different aspects of their lives more effectively, laying the foundation for success both academically and personally.

Each session targets: Self-regulated learning, metacognitive awareness, mindful practice, imagery, and social responsibility.

Curriculum designed to strengthen areas of planning, prioritizing, preparation, organization, self-awareness, metacognition, growth mindset vs fixed mindset, steps to success, chunking tasks, management of stimuli.

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Integrated Counselling Sessions

90 Minutes

When counselling encompasses mental health support, assistance with executive functioning and educational needs, it’s often referred to as “integrated counselling” or “holistic counselling.” This approach recognizes the interconnectedness of mental health, executive functioning, and academic success, and aims to address all of these aspects in a comprehensive manner.

The Orton Gillingham approach and Executive Functioning support complement each other effectively. The Orton Gillingham approach, designed to address the specific needs of individuals with dyslexia and reading challenges, often incorporates principles that align with the enhancement of executive functions. ADHD is often concurrent with students diagnosed with dyslexia or other language based learning differences, this session combines strategies and mixes approaches as listed above. The goal is to use the opportunity to support both areas in tandem. Self-regulated and confident learners are know to have a greater level of metacognitive awareness, which increases self-reflection, self-assessment, sense of efficacy, and cognitive shifting abilities. 

Outcome: Increased success when transitioning between the learning zone, and the performance zone, as well as increased written output, oral expression and self advocacy.l

One of our educational specialists will respond with pricing options and times that fit your needs and schedule.
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