We offer targeted sessions, with hands on strategies & industry related Q&A

Comprehensive Learning-Based Workshops and Individualized Educational Planning Sessions: Targeted Support for Students, Practitioners, and Parents with 30-Minute Duration and Interactive Q&A Opportunities. We are creating inclusive learning and therapeutic spaces.

To reach our diverse families, we need to first see them and understand how to interact. Learn strategies to integrate culture, background, and worldview to enhance rapport and overall success.

Workshop with practitioners

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Executive Functioning and Brain Based Classrooms

This Executive functioning workshop offers valuable advantages to both educators and parents. Executive functions encompass essential cognitive processes crucial for effective task management, emotional regulation, and adaptability. Here’s how these workshops can be beneficial:

For Educators:

  • Improved Classroom Management

  • Personalized Instruction

  • Enhanced Student Engagement

  • Behavioral Support

  • Collaborative Approach with Parents

For Parents:

  • Effective Parenting Strategies

  • Understanding Diverse Learning Styles

  • Improved Support for Homework

  • Enhanced Communication with Educators

  • Promotion of Emotional Regulation

Executive functioning workshops offer practical insights and strategies for both educators and parents, fostering collaboration and a holistic approach to supporting children’s academic success and overall well-being.


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Integrated Counselling Approaches: Connections - From Circles to Cyphers

For equitable practitioners – Ministry of Education mandates emphasize that all learning environments must embrace anti-racist, inclusive actions at their core. The journey toward wellness begins by bridging connections from the inner self to outer world, macro to the micro levels; we are all integral parts of a larger universal system. This session uses the symbolism of a circle to do all that as it guides you through discussions and reflective exercises to identify patterns in your surroundings, leading to insights about patterns within yourself. Utilizing grounding techniques from nature and the arts, such as the cyphers in Hip-Hop, this session invites you not only to join the conversation but also to take away practical curriculum, actionable strategies, and profound insights to apply in teaching or counselling settings. Understanding these approaches within the global classroom enables us to better serve the students who often need our support the most. Integrate student roots & backgrounds into educational or therapeutic planning.


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Say It Straight™ (SIS) Empowerment and Self Advocacy 

Say It Straight™ (SIS) is based in social learning and positive psychology, emphasizing values such as personal strength, resiliency, courage, compassion, self-efficacy, forgiveness. The Say It Straight” program is a comprehensive communication skills training focused on enhancing assertiveness, active listening, and conflict resolution abilities. This program emphasizes clear and respectful expression of thoughts and emotions while fostering empathy and understanding of others’ perspectives. Participants learn effective communication techniques to improve relationships and resolve conflicts constructively in both personal and professional settings. The program aims to enhance self-awareness and promote healthier interactions through improved communication skills. This is a key element to foster an anti-bullying culture.

SIS is a research-based education and training program that has gained official recognition in the American Department of Education. 


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Mindfulness & Imagery in Performance

Performance anxiety, also known as stage fright, is a psychological condition characterized by heightened fear or nervousness before or during a performance, public speaking engagement, or any scenario where an individual is in the spotlight. It typically arises in situations where the person is being observed or evaluated by others. This can be any type of performance from test to sport. 

We tailor the theme based on the type of performance our audience is focused on. 

For example, sports therapy sessions are aimed at helping athletes improve their performance by incorporating mindfulness and imagery techniques. By incorporating mindfulness practices, athletes learn to cultivate present-moment awareness, allowing them to stay focused and fully engaged during training and competitions. 

Imagery exercises enable athletes to vividly visualize successful performances, enhancing confidence and boosting mental preparedness. This form of sports therapy harnesses the power of the mind to optimize performance, allowing athletes to tap into their full potential and achieve their goals.

Through a combination of mindfulness and imagery techniques, we equip individuals with invaluable mental tools that can elevate their performance and overall athletic or academic experience 

Each session is designed to target the needs of either the student, the practitioner or the parent. 

Which area do you need strategies in?

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